Sheep Skin Boots – Tan


The boot is made from genuine sheepskin and suede. You walk on a leather inner sole that takes the pattern of your footprint over time. The leather heel ensures that you stay centered on the sole and don’t end up walking next to the product. The Sole of the boots are made from durable thermoplastic rubber that won’t crack or break. The front panel is hand stitched by our team of ladies.

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Suede has been treated making the product water resistant but NOT waterproof. This allows water to flow off the boots like water off a ducks back.
Genuine sheep skin boots , with suede uppers and side panels.
Has firm leather back heel to ensure longevity.
Has thermoplastic rubber hard wearing sole , with durable insole water proof board.
Suede is scotch guarded to prevent water penetration
The front panels is hand stitched while side and back panels are machine stitched. The boot is a genuine leather product there fore a tight fit initially is important .
The boot will stretch to your own foot.

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