How Much Is A Bathu Sneaker?

Where is Bathu manufactured?

DurbanBathu shoes are locally manufactured in Durban , with some of the components imported from Lesotho & the East .

Bathu Shoes’ long term vision is to have presence in Europe and South America , telling its’ story in these parts of the world and be recognised and identified globally as a leading African shoe brand!.

Who is the owner of drip shoes?

Lekau SehoanaLekau Sehoana – Founder and Director – DRIP Footwear | LinkedIn.

How much does Bathu sneakers cost?

BATHU HAS MADE BIG STRIDES IN THE SHOE INDUSTRY Priced at R397,000, the Bathu Opel GSI Limited Edition is SA’s most expensive locally made sneaker. In addition, Bathu is famed for making SA’s most expensive locally made sneaker, the Bathu Opel GSI Limited Edition.

What does Bathu mean?

Bathu is a South African township slang which means shoe .

Where can I buy Bathu shoes in Polokwane?

Shop G6, Savannah Mall, Thabo Mbeki Street, Polokwane Central, Polokwane, South Africa.Get Directions.015 414 [email protected]

Who owns drip footwear?

Lekau SehoanaLekau Sehoana, entrepreneur and founder of Drip Footwear, shares his struggles leading to his entrepreneurship journey. In 2019, he started his footwear brand, which is taking the country by storm. Sehoana was born in Limpopo. His parents divorced when he was two years old.

When was Bathu established?

2015Bathu was founded in 2015 with the aim to tell a proudly untold SA township story to the world.

How can I track my Bathu order?

You can also track your delivery by visiting and entering your Bathu order number. All the necessary tracking information will show up there.

Where can I get Bathu sneakers in Durban?

Get in touch! We want to hear from you….Contact.LocationAddressPhone numberAmanzimtotiGalleria Mall, Arbour Road Amanzimtoti 4216010 880 4319DurbanThe Pavilion, Harry Gwala Road, Westville, Durban 3630010 880 4319East LondonHemingways Mall, Corner WEstern Avenue & Two Rivers Drive, East London, 5247010 880 431913 more rows

How old is Baloyi?

The man in charge, Theo Baloyi, 30, is a former accountant in a plaid suit and chameleon sneakers (they change colour according to their exposure to natural light).

Who started Bathu?

Theo Baloyi’sOur founder, Theo Baloyi’s story is one worth hearing as it motivates you to work hard and believe in yourself throughout all the obstacles and challenges that you may encounter. In 2009, Theo relocated to Johannesburg to stay with his uncle in Alexandra while studying towards his BCom Accounting degree.