Question: Is Jeffreys Bay South Africa Safe?

How do you get to Jeffreys Bay?


Jeffreys Bay is located in the Eastern Cape just south of Port Elizabeth (75km / 46 miles).

The town can be reached by car via the N2 which is the main highway through the Garden Route.

Jeffreys Bay is situated between the highway and Indian Ocean..

What is there to do in Jeffreys Bay today?

Top Attractions in Jeffreys BayParadise Beach. 165. … Dolphin Beach. 118. … Papiesfontein Beach Horse Trails. 120. … Jeffrey’s Bay Shell Museum (Charlotte Kritzinger Shell Museum) Speciality Museums.Fountains Mall. Shopping Malls.Brewhaha Craft Brewery. Breweries.Point Beach. Beaches.Play in JBay Adventure Centre Day Trips.More items…

How far is Knysna from Port Elizabeth?

144.47 miThe shortest distance (air line) between Knysna and Port-Elizabeth is 144.47 mi (232.50 km). The shortest route between Knysna and Port-Elizabeth is 161.50 mi (259.90 km) according to the route planner. The driving time is approx. 3h 4min.

How far is Jeffreys Bay from Mossel Bay?

256 kmThe distance between Jeffreys Bay and Mossel Bay is 256 km.

How far is Plett from Cape Town?

Plettenberg Bay Distances to CitiesPlettenberg BayDistanceDistance from Plettenberg Bay to Cape Town457 kmDistance from Plettenberg Bay to Durban860 kmDistance from Plettenberg Bay to Bloemfontein610 kmDistance from Plettenberg Bay to Knysna30 km1 more row

How far is Jeffreys Bay from Plettenberg?

143 kmThe distance between Plettenberg Bay and Jeffreys Bay is 143 km.

Is it safe to swim in the sea in South Africa?

It says the country’s beaches are considered safe by international standards. However, most of the country’s beaches do not have shark nets, so people take this into account when going swimming, surfing, deep-sea fishing and even shark-cage diving – all popular activities here.

How far is Jeffreys Bay from St Francis?

24.8kmDistance from Jeffreys Bay to St Francis Bay. The driving distance between Jeffreys Bay and St Francis Bay is 24.8km and it would take you 0 Hours 19 minutes if you average 80 km/h (49 mph). however if you were to take a Run it would take you 2 Hours 29 minutes.

Are there sharks in Cape Town?

CAPE TOWN — South Africa’s great white shark population has been the subject of international scrutiny since 2017, when cage-diving operators reported a sudden, sharp decline in sightings around False Bay and Gansbaai. … In 2018, the sharks were spotted just 50 times; and in 2019, nothing.

What is there to do in Port Elizabeth today?

Top Attractions in Port ElizabethKragga Kamma Game Park. 701. … Shamwari Private Game Reserve. 434. … Sardinia Bay Beach. Beaches. … Cape Recife Nature Reserve. 128. … Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds. 175. … Storms River Bridge (Paul Sauer Bridge) 139. … Baywest Mall. 124. … St George’s Park. Parks.More items…

How far is Jeffreys Bay from Port Elizabeth?

65 kmHow far is it from Port Elizabeth to Jeffreys Bay? It is 65 km from Port Elizabeth to Jeffreys Bay. It is approximately 80.1 km to drive.

Where are the most shark attacks in South Africa?

SOUTH AFRICA STATS Of these most of them (103) have occurred in the Eastern Cape, 90 in KZN and 55 in the Western Cape. There are three species of shark in South Africa which are responsible for the majority of attacks – tiger, bull (or Zambezi) and white sharks.