Quick Answer: How Far Is It From Cape Town To Port Elizabeth?

Is it safe to drive from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth?

It is a safe and easy albeit long (728km) drive.

On our latest trip, we left Cape Town before dark at 7am and arrived in PE at 5:00pm, with a brief stop in Plettenberg Bay for a picnic lunch on the beach..

How long does a bus take from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth?

around 12h 5mThe bus traveling length from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth is around 12h 5m.

Is the Garden Route worth it?

South Africa’s Garden Route Is Worth Visiting, But… The Garden Route is one of South Africa’s top tourism destinations for good reasons. It has tons of fantastic things to do, see, and eat, so anyone who decides to visit won’t regret it.

How do I get from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth?

Bus or fly from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth? The best way to get from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth is to fly which takes 2h 45m and costs R 700 – R 1 900. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs R 290 – R 3 000 and takes 11h 15m.

How much is a bus ticket from Pretoria to Port Elizabeth?

bus ticket prices from pretoria to port elizabeth? Bus prices to Port Elizabeth costs between ZAR 380.00 to ZAR 850.00 each seat. Eldo Coaches has the cheap bus tickets prices for ZAR 380.00.

How much is a flight from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth?

Cheapest flights to Port ElizabethFlight RouteAirlinePrice fromCape Town – Port ElizabethBritish AirwaysR1,169Please note that the prices are subject to availability and block out dates do apply over peak season.

Is Mossel Bay Safe?

Crime rates in Mossel Bay, South AfricaLevel of crime75.00HighCrime increasing in the past 3 years92.86Very HighWorries home broken and things stolen71.43HighWorries being mugged or robbed67.86HighWorries car stolen53.57Moderate8 more rows

What should you not miss on the Garden Route?

14 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions on the Garden RouteRobberg Nature Reserve, Plettenberg Bay. Robberg Nature Reserve, Plettenberg Bay. … Storms River Suspension Bridge. Storms River Suspension Bridge. … Birds of Eden, Monkeyland, and Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary. … Knysna Heads & the Knysna Forest. … Knysna Elephant Park. … Featherbed Nature Reserve, Knysna. … Swartberg Pass. … Cango Caves.More items…•Sep 9, 2019

How dangerous is Port Elizabeth?

Most dangerous cities#CityCrime Index5Johannesburg80.657Pietermaritzburg79.7314Port Elizabeth75.9219Cape Town73.782 more rows•Jan 20, 2021

How far is the Garden Route from Cape Town?

424 kmThe distance between Cape Town and Garden Route is 424 km.

How many hours drive from Cape Town to PE?

The driving distance between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town is 749.6km and it would take you 9 Hours 22 minutes if you average 80 km/h (49 mph).

How long does it take to drive the Garden Route?

How long does it take to drive the Garden Route? It’s recommended htat you spend between three and fourteen days on a self-drive tour.

Can you swim in Mossel Bay?

Mossel Bay has a lengthy shoreline with beautiful beaches. There is even a natural swimming pool known as the “Poort”. … Activities on Mossel Bay beaches include swimming, surfing, fishing, walking and relaxing.

What is there to do in Mossel Bay today?

A list of the top 10 things to do in Mossel Bay ….Inverroche Gin School @ Cafe Gannet. … Mossel Bay Zipline. … Take a journey to the past. … Hike the St Blaize and Oystercatcher trails. … Explore our Wildlife. … Explore our Marine life. … Take to the Water. … Play a round of Golf … or mini golf.More items…

What is Mossel Bay known for?

Mossel Bay is a small harbour town situated along the renowned Garden Route, in the Western Cape. It is an important tourism region, known for its boot-shaped Post Office, the Garden Route Casino, 60km of golden beaches, and array of natural, cultural, and historical attractions.

What is the most dangerous city in Africa?

Cape TownShare This: The Mother City is the eighth most violent city in the world, says the Mexican Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice. Cape Town is the eighth most violent city on Earth, according to the Mexican Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice.

Is Port Elizabeth safe for tourists?

Port Elizabeth is a very safe city compared to other South African cities. There ARE places where it is safe to walk around at night., one of them is the beachfront.

Is the Garden Route safe to self drive?

The Garden Route has two simple routes, and the roads are equivalent to European roads, making the drive itself safe. However, be sure to hire a car from a reliable car service to lessen your chances of breaking down on your route.

Which is the safest city in South Africa?

Cape TownCape Town. Cape Town has experienced a rise in crime in certain districts recently. However, it still boasts some of the most desirable neighborhoods and remains the safest major city in South Africa.

What is the longest road in South Africa?

The N2The N2 is a national route in South Africa that runs from Cape Town through Gqeberha, East London and Durban to Ermelo. It is the main highway along the Indian Ocean coast of the country. Its total distance of 2,255 kilometres (1,401 mi) makes it the longest numbered route in South Africa.

How far is Knysna from Port Elizabeth?

144.47 miThe shortest distance (air line) between Knysna and Port-Elizabeth is 144.47 mi (232.50 km). The shortest route between Knysna and Port-Elizabeth is 161.50 mi (259.90 km) according to the route planner. The driving time is approx. 3h 4min.